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Microneedling With PRP Before and After Results + Photos

Microneedling With PRP: Before and After Results + Photos

Microneedling With PRP: Before and After Results + Photos

Are you curious about the microneedling with PRP procedure and the results it brings? Read further to learn the details on this type of cosmetic skin treatment and its benefits.

Thousands of people in the US have already tried microneedling with PRP to gain their own experience and draw conclusions concerning the effectiveness of this procedure, its possible precautions, effects, or risks. Social proof or rejection as well as rumors around any type of cosmetic manipulation often cause even wilder consensual interest of people that are potentially ready to undergo that therapy to reach their particular goals.

They nose around the questions of how the procedure is provided; if it is painful or not; how they should prepare for the procedure and what costs they should pay both for a single treatment and a full course.

In our today’s post, we’ll do our best to answer all of those questions as well as show you some microneedling before and afters.

What is microneedling with PRP all about?

You’ve probably heard a lot about microneedling as a standalone process executed by the cosmetologist to reduce wrinkles and post-acne scars. This procedure is provided to men and women of all ages starting from their coming-of-age because the therapy is aimed not just for anti-aging effects but for eliminating a number of skin issues.

The treatment is fulfilled with the help of a derma roller which is often referred to as microneedling device. Actually, this is a handheld roller with microneedles ranging from 0.25 mm to 1.5mm. The device is rolled over the skin and creates very tiny punctures to trigger the skin repair process as well as enable the production of new collagen.

Take a look at some microneedling before and after photos:

Microneedling With PRP Before and After

This treatment is a recognized and well-established one in cosmetology, so if you attend a cosmetologist on a regular basis the procedure is obviously nothing new for you. You are probably aware of swelling which always appears after such kinds of procedures and you are aware that no rubbing or heating of the skin is allowed to keep to the safety measures during the short-termed rehab period after the treatment.

The skin should be kept clean to avoid any possible inflammations. Usually, if you make everything right and follow the doctor’s recommendations, microneedling results are amazing. You are going to feel like you’ve thrown away a couple of years.

Platelet-Rich Plasma: What is it?

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is a substance derived from the blood sample taken from a patient. The blood sample is very small and is easily contained in a tiny vial. It takes about 30 seconds for a vial to fill up.

The blood in a vial is spun in a centrifuge for 30 minutes to extract the plasma rich with platelets to be used for medical or cosmetic purposes. Such plasma is full of proteins and growth factors that promote healing and rejuvenation of the tissues within the body.

When used with microneedling, PRP encourages quicker skin recovery and rejuvenates the tissues micro-damaged by the punctures made by tiny needles. Plasma is an important ingredient that makes PRP + microneedling results even more perfect than they would have been after using the derma roller itself.

Take your time to see some more PRP + microneedling before and after photos right here: 

Micro Needling With PRP Before and After

Microneedling with PRP: How is the procedure provided?

Now it’s time to learn how the procedure is provided and what a patient should expect from it. The very essential thing to remember is that microneedling with PRP treatment doesn’t suppose any injections at all! PRP is just applied to the skin with a syringe but it is not injected there!

PRP is created from a patient’s blood to be applied onto the skin together with a certain filler that a clinic usually uses as an additional ingredient for this procedure.

Usually, doctors use hyaluronic acid together with PRP, and then microneedling is performed over the filler and platelet-rich plasma applied together on the face skin. Such a method allows for receiving the best microneedling results possible. The substance is applied over the 1-2 inch sections to be microneedled. PRP dries pretty fast, so a doctor should be careful to microneedle over a dry area.

See some more PRP with microneedling before and afters here:

Microneedling Before and After

Speaking about the pain that a patient can perceive during the microneedling with PRP procedure, this is possible to be reduced with the help of a numbing cream applied to the skin of the face.

It takes about 20 minutes for a cream to take action, so a doctor has the time to draw and centrifuge the blood as well as make all other preparations before the procedure. A doctor removes the surplus of the cream before starting the treatment process and cleanses the skin surface to prevent any risks of further inflammation and ensure the best PRP with microneedling results possible.

Of course, every patient may have various sensitive areas on their face, so everyone perceives the microneedling process differently based on their individual threshold of feeling.

The great thing about this kind of treatment is that it supposes a very short downtime. 4 days are typically enough for a patient to be able to go back to their daily routine. The skin will exfoliate for a few days but a delicate cleansing and hydration individually recommended by a doctor make the process of recovery fast and simple.

Here are some more PRP + microneedling before and after photos to look at and compare:

Before and After Pictures of Microneedling

Microneedling With PRP Cost

So, now I guess it’s pretty significant to talk about the prices. There are varied estimates that consider the microneedling with PRP treatment price to be about $750 per session. However, the prices may differ depending on the location of a clinic and a healthcare provider’s qualification.

Of course, it would be better to choose an experienced doctor with all the proper permissions for providing the treatment. The thoughtful approach to choosing the clinic and a doctor guarantee the best PRP with microneedling results you are going to get.

As microneedling with platelet-rich plasma is considered to be an elective esthetic procedure, it is not covered by insurance as it isn’t supposed to cover cosmetic treatments. A typical microneedling procedure for the face usually costs $300 and all the additional expenses are supposed for the treatment session with the addition of platelet-rich plasma.

To see the complete results you’ll probably need more than one session. Actually, people are recommended to have up to 6 sessions, so the total cost of their treatment may range from $2.250 up to $4.500 per full course.

Despite the fact that microneedling with PRP is pretty expensive, it is a minimally invasive therapy and it is much cheaper as compared to surgery. Some clinics also offer membership discounts, specific payment plans, or package pricing for their customers.

You can easily find out a price for your individually crafted treatment plan which is typically created by a doctor based on your specific expectations, precautions, age, and skin conditions.

To learn the cost of your PRP + microneedling treatment, be sure to get in touch with our team of experts and one of them will get back to you ASAP.

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Dr. Josh Reedman

Dr. Reedman is MD Medicine, DM Endocrinology and Hormonal Disorders Consultant. His goal is to bring awareness to his patients by means of blogging as well as create individually customized treatment plans to help each and everyone reach the best possible results of treatment.

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