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Muscle and Bone Strength and How They Rely on Testosterone

Does working out increase the levels of testosterone in men with low T? Multiple studies state that regular exercises can help increase the levels of testosterone for a certain period of time and this can be beneficial for men who experience the decline of this hormone based on their age.

Low T (also known as hypogonadism) is a bit different diagnosis than just the age-related decline and it can be caused by issues with testicles, injuries, or problems with the pituitary gland or hypothalamus.

Let’s discover how testosterone influences muscle gain and muscle strength and how sports influence the testosterone level in men. Two key facts to discuss.

Muscle and Bones Improved With Testosterone

A normal level of testosterone ensures some of the following benefits:

Less fat and more muscle

Proper testosterone levels help you to easily lose weight and gain muscle mass when you just make some minimal effort. When you are able to control weight, you are able to feel more energy and feel vital enough during the day.

A study confirms that testosterone replacement therapy is able to decrease the fat mass and increase the strength and size of muscles. Some men report the improvement in lean body mass after the therapy, but the muscle strength would be better improved if you combine testosterone treatment with regular exercises.

Better bone density

Bone mineral density highly depends on testosterone and as the levels of this hormone drop, men can both lose the bone mass as gradually as they lose muscle. Weak bones raise the risk of fractures and increase the risk of osteoporosis, so maintaining a proper testosterone level is important for bone health as well.

Strong bones better support muscles and visceral organs and boost athletic performance. If you’re taking testosterone therapy for a few months with high doses, the mineral density of your bones is restored. Spinal and hip bone density improvement has been proven by clinical trials.

Exercising and Testosterone Level

Researches state that regular exercises and sports raise testosterone to the normal level if it has been earlier lowered. Experts say that testosterone is elevated right during the process of exercising and for about 15 minutes after it is completed.

It doesn’t affect the health state in global meaning but such surges of this hormone into the bloodstream are very beneficial, especially when you want to lose weight. Even if such a surge doesn’t make a difference in how you feel, it can have a potent effect for instance for men whose testosterone levels are between normal and low.

The level of testosterone fluctuates during the day since its highest concentration is observed in the morning, and its lowest level is usually detected in the afternoon. When you make strength-training workouts it may have a greater effect on testosterone in the second half of the day.

Why take the therapy in case of weaker muscles?

In case if you’ve got a low testosterone level and your training doesn’t bring you the desired results, of course, it’s time to start testosterone replacement therapy. The treatment is going to protect your bones, help you gain better muscle strength, improve your endurance, enhance your sports performance and ensure you gain better muscle mass.

No matter how old you are, if you’ve been diagnosed with low T, starting the treatment as soon as possible would be your most reasonable solution. If you’ve got some specific questions or need an urgent free consultation of a qualified expert, it’s the very time to get in touch with us here. Book your healthy future today.

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