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Ipamorelin/CJC1295 Therapy: HGH Releasing Peptides Help Reach Your Balance

Are you looking for a natural method to restore the proper level of growth hormone since you’ve been diagnosed with HGH deficiency? Ipamorelin together with CJC 1295 is a perfect solution to those who experience negative health consequences of suppressed GH resources in their blood.

To make sure whether you require a certain treatment, it’s essential to learn what it supposes and what effects it brings if you take it. Here we’re offering to learn the essence of peptides, the key function of Ipamorelin, and its combination with certain peptides for better efficacy.

What is Ipamorelin/CJC1295 peptide therapy?

Peptides are chains of proteins that send certain instructions to cells and molecules by connecting to their receptors. Ipamorelin and CJC1295 belong to the class of growth hormone-releasing peptides, let’s review them in detail.


Ipamorelin is considered to be a selective human growth hormone inducer which is also referred to as HGH secretagogue and ghrelin receptor agonist. If you’ve already reviewed our article about Sermorelin, you’ve probably learned the definition of GHRP-6, so we should say that ghrelin stimulation can be compared to the action of GHRP-6, however, it has a less stimulatory effect on food cravings.

Ipamorelin is a pentapeptide that has some obvious benefits when used instead of other secretagogues because it releases less amount of cortisol (stress hormone), acetylcholine (neurotransmitter), prolactin (a hormone that makes breasts grow and gain milk), and aldosterone (a steroid hormone that regulates salt and water in the body).

Despite the fact that these hormones are present in the body of both genders, their overproduction may be harmful to health. For instance, prolactin should be increased only in women after giving birth to a baby while in other cases its excess volumes are unnecessary and even harmful, especially when this happens due to the hormonal imbalance in men.

As Ipamorelin both controls the production of the mentioned above hormones and stimulates the pituitary gland to naturally release the required amount of growth hormone to reach its proper levels in the body without any side effects, this HGH-releasing peptide is currently selected to be the best secretagogue which can be used for the treatment of HGH deficiency.


CJC1295 is another peptide that enables the secretion of growth hormone but works via binding to the pituitary gland. It is able to mimic the autologous growth hormone-releasing hormone which is usually secreted by the hypothalamus.

CJC1295 is available in 2 chemical forms including a DAC (Drug Activity Complex) binding group and Mod-GRF (modified growth releasing factor with 29 amino acids in its formula). The second one is mostly used by clinicians for providing therapy.

What is growth hormone and why its lack requires treatment?

Growth hormone is a hormone released to the bloodstream by the anterior pituitary gland and is responsible for growth and development in children as well as supports normal body structure, metabolism, cognitive function, controls the levels of blood glucose, regulates body weight, and more functions in adults.

If you have an HGH deficiency, then you’ll probably have to receive Ipamorelin therapy.

How do you know whether you need Ipamorelin therapy?

Once you visit a doctor, he or she is going to perform specific tests and diagnostics to learn if you’ve got a mentioned above disorder:

  • blood test to measure the level of HGH;
  • blood test to measure the levels of other hormones affected by GH;
  • IGF-1 and IGFBP (Insulin-like growth factor and binding protein) levels testing to learn if your pituitary gland causes your symptoms;
  • GHRH-arginine inductive test;
  • and Insulin tolerance test.

To prescribe the therapy, a doctor considers your age, symptoms of HGH deficiency you may experience, your general health, and exercise activity. After that, a custom treatment plan is going to be constructed to determine the treatment protocol (dosage of medication, schedule of injections, duration of the therapy, and more factors).

There are two ways of taking Ipamorelin therapy as prescribed:

Subcutaneous injections: The substance is injected into the fat tissue under the skin with the help of a tiny needle. The injection is given before bedtime to imitate the circadian rhythm of the body.

Oral pills: A certain controlled dosage of the medicine is delivered to the bloodstream through the mouth by placing the pills under the tongue.

What benefits of Ipamorelin therapy do you get?

Boosting the HGH to the normal levels brings some obvious and much-pleasant benefits:

  • better fat metabolism;
  • improved body composition and muscle structure;
  • enhanced bone density;
  • boosted energy;
  • improved sleep;

and more.

Moreover, as HGH triggers better production of testosterone, it also adds better production of red blood cells and increased sex drive to the list of benefits.

If you need more information about the dosage and schedule of shots or you need to learn any other information on Ipamorelin therapy, request a free consultation here.

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