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Why and How You Benefit from HGH Therapy?

Growth hormone therapy has lately become pretty much recognized both for fighting the deficiency of HGH in children and overcoming the consequences of GH lack in adults. Due to such wide popularity, there is a great amount of counterfeited synthetic growth hormone on the market offered by bootleggers.

They promise that fake supplements erase the signs of aging, assist in losing weight, and help build muscles. However, their products mostly don’t contain real HGH at all. The only effective way of taking HGH is receiving it in the form of injections in licensed US clinics.

At HRTMedical we provide the treatment for officially diagnosed human growth hormone deficiency in adults after detailed diagnostics and laboratory testing. Our qualified doctors are going to provide a consultancy and create an individually customized therapeutic program to meet your needs and keep yourself healthy at any age.

What is human growth hormone and what is HGH deficiency?

HGH is considered to be a complex protein naturally occurring in the human body. It is released by the pituitary gland located in the anterior part of the brain and controls the cell reproduction, metabolic rate, growth and development of organs and tissues, healthy weight, the strength of muscles, and proper work of a number of body’s systems.

The peak of HGH production is attributed to the younger age when all of us feel plenty of energy to live, do sports, study, and participate in a number of multiple activities. As we’re getting older, the level of growth hormone in our bodies starts to drop; this is why we feel tired more often, experience the first signs of aging in appearance and observe a lot of other changes year after year at about the age of 30.

Despite the natural decline in HGH level, some specific disorders and injuries cause an unhealthy and even harmful condition which is called human growth hormone deficiency. The lacking GH results in weight gain, weaker muscles, less energy, fitful sleep, poor wound healing, hair loss, lower libido, and even depression. The causes of such deficiency can be either inborn or gained ones and include:

  • infections;
  • head injuries;
  • tumors of the brain;
  • radiation treatments;
  • inborn syndromes like dwarfism;

and some more.

Fortunately, this disorder is successfully treated with the help of growth hormone replacement therapy.

The Essence of HGH Therapy and Its Benefits

Your therapy starts with your appointment with a doctor who provides consultation and examines your health state to assign further diagnostics and laboratory testing. As the levels of growth hormone fluctuate during the day, there are different variants of lab tests to estimate its levels in the blood.

You will have to undergo one of the following lab tests:

  • GH serum test;
  • Insulin-like growth factor-1 test;
  • HGH suppression test;
  • GH stimulation test.

The type of test appropriate for a definite patient is specified by the doctor individually and is based on the health state of a patient.

If the deficiency is confirmed, a doctor is going to create a customized treatment plan and prescribe a strict regimen of injections. Usually, HGH shots are made subcutaneously before bedtime. This is the best way to mimic the natural production of HGH in the human body since the pituitary gland usually releases the growth hormone at night during deep sleep.

Some of the most rewarding benefits of GH replacement treatment are as follows:

Excess weight reduced: People who have been suffering from obesity and want to decrease their body mass, are going to lose weight just in a month of regular HGH injections. However, the change of lifestyle is essential as well, so ‘revamping’ your meals and visiting the gym is a good idea.

Proper HGH level helps to support normal weight since it improves metabolic function and forces the processing of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins. By the way, HGH is responsible for better glucose absorption, improved insulin sensitivity, and increased stamina for your everyday living.

Increased bone density: HGH therapy is a perfect tool to minimize the risk of osteoporosis in older age. Growth hormone stimulates the renal 25-hydroxyvitamin D-1α-hydroxylase activity and therefore it promotes better calcium and phosphate absorption in the intestine.

Better sleep: HGH therapy is that awesome magic wand that is able to restore your sleep even at an older age when it usually becomes more disturbing and when it is often tough to fall asleep at night. Boosted levels of HGH bring you back to your youth when your sleep was as calm as a soft summer cloud.

Stronger muscles: Growth hormone makes tissues more elastic and thick as well as enhances cell regeneration. Human muscles are anchored to the bones by myofibers (tendons composed of bone cells – myocytes). HGH is able to repair the skeletal muscle fibers by producing more satellite cells and boosting cell regeneration.

Moreover, human GH has been shown to positively influence brain function, immunity, heart and lung function, the condition of your skin and hair, as well as increase the sex drive by elevating the level of testosterone (male sex hormone) that is also often lowered in men with HGH deficiency.

If you nevertheless require some additional details on providing the treatment, laboratory testing, benefits, or precautions, schedule a free consultation with an expert here.

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