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Peptide Therapy Before And After

What Are Peptide Therapy Before And After Results?

What Are Peptide Therapy Before And After Results?

Therapeutic peptides have become popular due to their quick and predictable effects and high tolerability in patients. Today peptides are used to improve recovery after injuries, restore skin quality, reduce fat tissue, gain muscles, restore hormone levels, and more.

Many people wonder how quick peptides bring desirable outcomes and what are the results of peptide therapy before and after the treatment. In this article, we reveal the peptide therapy timeline with results.

What is peptide therapy?

Our body produces peptides throughout our whole life, and their role is to manage biological processes such as digestion, breathing, heart beating, metabolism, hormone production, and more. However, peptide production can decrease due to stress, bad health, insomnia, aging, etc.

The goal of peptide therapy is to restore peptide levels and consequently fix the worsened physiological functions. Peptides are usually administered via injections to deliver the active substance precisely into the bloodstream. Before prescribing the injections, a doctor provides the health diagnostics of a patient and creates a personalized treatment plan to help a patient achieve their goals efficiently.

Growth hormone stimulating peptide therapy has become a widespread method for weight loss and improving appearance. Types of HGH-stimulating peptides available on the market include:

  • Sermorelin,
  • Ipamorelin,
  • AOD 9604,
  • GHRP-2,
  • GHRP-6.

How does peptide therapy work?

The biochemistry of peptide therapy is simple: growth hormone stimulating peptides trigger ghrelin (a hunger hormone) receptors. Ghrelin, in turn, gives a signal for a pituitary gland to release more HGH. HGH stimulates metabolic processes in our body resulting in the reduction of fat cells and the building of cartilage and muscle cells.

Note that when you’re on your peptide cycle, you may experience food cravings. If your goal is to reduce fat, it’s best to administer peptides a few hours before sleep to manage hunger.

Peptide treatment before and after results

The first benefits of peptide treatment are seen after the first month of injecting peptides. People usually notice a rise in mood and energy, increased stamina, and better sleep.

Peptide therapy before and after

Noticeable fat reduction occurs from 2 to 6 months of peptide treatment. Other benefits of peptide injections include:

  • improved skin quality,
  • thicker hair and nails,
  • enhanced sex drive,
  • better performance,
  • increased concentration,
  • increase in lean muscle mass.

Peptide therapy results

If you overeat and have a sedentary lifestyle, peptides injections will have less to no effect on your health and appearance. Don’t increase your dosage without consulting a doctor. Combining peptide therapy with regular sports activity and a healthy diet will help you achieve great results.

What is the cost of peptide therapy?

Peptide treatment cost includes expenses on medications, syringes, and bacteriostatic water. Additional one-time expenses include doctor consultations and lab tests.

Although the list of expenses may be overwhelming, peptide treatment is cost-effective. One vial of dehydrated peptides costs approximately USD 50. The therapy may last from 1 to 6 months. So, the monthly cost for peptide treatment will be between USD 300 and 500.

Peptide therapy side effects

Peptides are chemical compounds produced in our bodies, but scientists learned how to produce chemically identical peptides in a lab and even made them more potent. These lab-made peptides are well-tolerated by our bodies and are called the bioidentical ones. Such peptides don’t cause severe adverse effects. Some people can experience increased water retention, headaches, or dizziness on an occasional basis.

It’s crucial to consult a professional medical expert to avoid any side effects. For example, some peptides available on market affect blood sugar levels, thus, preliminary diagnostics is a must for any person who wants to try peptide therapy.

How do I start peptide therapy?

Peptide therapy before and after results show that the therapy can be a solution for people seeking health and body composition improvement. Before you start your therapy, you should undergo the required medical tests in a lab and in a doctor’s office. Based on test results a doctor will select a peptide medication and dosage that fits your personal needs the best. You’ll also receive direct guidelines on injecting peptides and other recommendations.

We suggest consulting a licensed healthcare provider where doctors dedicate enough time to each patient and provide quality treatment. If you’re looking for professional advice on peptide therapy, contact our specialists to receive detailed consultation.

Written by

Dr. Josh Reedman

Dr. Reedman is MD Medicine, DM Endocrinology and Hormonal Disorders Consultant. His goal is to bring awareness to his patients by means of blogging as well as create individually customized treatment plans to help each and everyone reach the best possible results of treatment.

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