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Timeline for Testosterone Injections

Result Timeline for Testosterone Injections

Result Timeline for Testosterone Injections

Low testosterone can be a reason for decreased energy level, lowered libido, moodiness, and problems with erectile function. It’s obvious, men who have this unpleasant experience need to get rid of the mentioned disorders as soon as possible. Testosterone replacement therapy is an effective way to increase testosterone levels and cure subsequent disorders.

However, it takes time to fully resolve the available health issues and eliminate the symptoms of testosterone deficiency (hypogonadism or low T). Still, you can notice the first improvements within a few weeks. In this article, we outline the TRT timeline of positive effects during the first year of the therapy.

What to expect with testosterone injections

Testosterone replacement therapy is recommended for people with testosterone deficiency (low T). The main goal of TRT is to restore a patient’s T hormone to its optimal level, and testosterone injections can do it perfectly. It doesn’t mean you’ll see improvements immediately since some symptoms will disappear in a few months of therapy, but your body will respond to increased testosterone levels almost right away.

how long does it take to feel the effects of testosterone injections

Keep in mind that each human body is unique, and it may react to TRT differently. Some patients need more time to get adjusted to the therapy and see its good outcomes. You can always consult a doctor if you think you have no expected results.

Short-term effects of testosterone replacement therapy

Most patients who took testosterone injections reported increased mood and overall well-being in just a few days of the therapy. The first month of taking injectible testosterone will improve your energy level, so you’ll notice increased sexual drive and endurance. For patients with diabetes, testosterone injections may bring noticeable improvements almost immediately. Experimental studies show that increasing testosterone benefits insulin sensitivity within 48 hours.

Long-term effects of testosterone replacement therapy

Although testosterone injections bring immediate benefits, you’ll need more time to reach therapy’s full potential. For example, some mental disorders such as anxiety or depression disappear after six weeks of TRT. You’ll also need from three to twelve months to take full control of your blood sugar. Testosterone injections taken for more than half-year can improve:

  • erectile function,
  • body composition,
  • bone density.

Testosterone injections timeline

Each patient has an individual reaction to testosterone injections. The main factors affecting testosterone response include the testosterone levels you have currently, the cause of the testosterone deficiency, and your medical history. It’s okay if you want to see results quicker, but improving health takes time. To help you feel confident about expected results, we’ve prepared a testosterone timeline that you can use for self-control. If you haven’t noticed any improvements, consult a therapist.

Now, let’s discover how long you can feel the effects of testosterone replacement therapy.

A few days from starting TRT

According to studies, the first 48 hours of taking testosterone injection result in improved insulin sensitivity and blood pressure. Testosterone induces rapid changes in lipid metabolism so there’s increased lipid uptake in muscles and improved insulin response.

Moreover, TRT brings rapid benefits to the state of the cardiovascular system. A decrease in arterial stiffening was observed in 48h after taking HRT. Testosterone injections may help prevent hypertension and stroke.

The first month of testosterone injections

Every day you take testosterone, the quality of your health improves. In the first month of therapy, you should observe:

  • Improved sexual interest and performance,
  • Improved erectile function,
  • Reduced mood swings,
  • Increased energy levels,
  • reduced levels of triglycerides and cholesterol,
  • Eliminated depression symptoms.

Three-month improvements

Long-term use of testosterone injections leads to significant improvements in your health state. Within three months of the therapy, you’ll get improvements in glycemic control, blood cell formation process, blood pressure, and lipid profile. You may also notice improvements in your physical appearance due to reduced fat tissue and increased muscle mass.

Six-month results after starting TRT

The first effects on bone density were noticed in studies after the six months of TRT. T-hormone takes part in preventing bone resorption indirectly. Testosterone increase is connected with the normalization of estrogen levels, which increases bone mineral density.

During the half-year of taking testosterone injections, the improvement of your body composition continues. The most significant fat reduction was noticed in people with abdominal fat. The waist-hip fat ratio decreased after 3, 6, and 7 months of TRT. Moreover, a continuous fat decline was reported in two years of testosterone therapy.

how long does it take for testosterone injection to work

When you cross the one-year mark in your therapy, some indicators stabilize and there won’t be much change. But that doesn’t mean the therapy isn’t working anymore. Studies show that during a year of testosterone use, the level of ‘good’ cholesterol or (HDL cholesterol) rises. During this period, testosterone injections help to maintain achieved results and preserve positive changes in:

  • erectile function,
  • body composition,
  • bone density,
  • blood sugar control,
  • cholesterol control.

If you can’t see any improvements, do not change or stop the therapy by yourself. It’s best to stick to the doctor’s recommendations on dosage and therapy duration. Don’t hesitate to consult a therapist in case you have concerns about undergoing therapy.

Testosterone gels and pills vs injections

The market offers a variety of testosterone drug types, including gels, patches, creams, and injections. Brands are manufacturing different types of testosterone drugs that are approved by the FDA. All of them induce testosterone increase in blood serum. The discussion lays upon their differences in convenience and effectiveness.

With gels and pills, it’s not clear how much of the active substance is delivered into the bloodstream. When you swallow a pill, it ends up in a digestive system where the testosterone is partially ruined. As for the gels and creams, it’s uncertain if the skin soaks enough testosterone, so it’s hard to control the dosage. Besides, you can wipe off some amount of cream with your clothing or with sweat. Creams are less convenient than pills because it’s hard to use them, for example, before training.

how long does it take testosterone shots to work

When using testosterone creams and pills, the TRT timeline may change. You’ll still notice the short-term benefits as increased libido and mood enhancement, but maybe to a lower degree. Testosterone injections are the most effective in delivering the proper dosage into your body. If you want to achieve great results at an optimal time, injectable testosterone should be your choice.

It’s important to remember that each organism has individual reactions. Creams or pills may be efficient for some patients, and be useless for others. If you want to start TRT therapy, consult a professional to define the best option for you.

Wrapping up

Low testosterone is a condition that can occur in each man. It has to be cured properly to help you enjoy your life. Low T-levels are easy to diagnose through a blood test. Based on test results, therapists can prepare a personalized treatment for you.

Testosterone can be delivered into your blood through gels, pills, patches, and injections. For those who want a controlled treatment with predictable outcomes, it’s best to choose testosterone injections.

With proper dosage, you’ll see your first results within several days after starting your treatment. Firstly, your mood will stabilize and you’ll feel more active and more interested in sex. After three to six months of the therapy, your body will start to lose fat, your muscles and bones will become stronger, and the risks of high blood sugar and cholesterol will decrease.

If you are ready to live a new life, start to plan your testosterone replacement therapy. Our professional therapists can provide you with all information about the therapy and offer a free consultation during which you can discuss individual treatment options. Leave a message through the contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Written by

Dr. Josh Reedman

Dr. Reedman is MD Medicine, DM Endocrinology and Hormonal Disorders Consultant. His goal is to bring awareness to his patients by means of blogging as well as create individually customized treatment plans to help each and everyone reach the best possible results of treatment.

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