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Testosterone Therapy at HRTMedical in 2022 – Your Freedom and Sexual Health

Would you like to gain more vitality and receive a tool for promoting the youth? Or do you want to fight your low T to enhance your muscle strength and sex drive? Learn how and when to use testosterone replacement therapy to stay healthy in middle age and when you are older.

Testosterone therapy is currently considered to be a promising treatment helpful for men over 40 with symptoms of hypogonadism (testosterone deficiency). Let’s define what’s known about testosterone, its importance for men’s and women’s health, and why lacking testosterone is harmful to health.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is the key sex hormone in men produced primarily in testicles and responsible for male characteristics like deep voice, facial hair, muscle mass, and more.

In women, this hormone is also produced but in fewer amounts. Women benefit from normal levels of testosterone since it is responsible for bone density and protects from osteoporosis in the older age; controls the amount of fat storage, promotes calm sleep, and, of course, controls the sex drive.

In both genders, T-hormone is responsible for a number of aspects like:

  • tightness of tissues and bones;
  • fat distribution;
  • muscle strength;
  • sex drive;
  • red blood cell count;

and more.

Particularly, in men testosterone also regulates sperm production and fertility.

What is testosterone deficiency?

There is a difference between an age-related lack of testosterone which is quite a natural process and a diagnosis called hypogonadism which is the extreme T-hormone deficiency bringing harm to the men’s health.

Such deficiency occurs when you experience issues with the pituitary gland which controls the testicles and the production of T-hormone in men. This deficiency is often referred to as low T, so you probably sometimes face the ads on the Web promising to cure this diagnosis with the help of multiple supplements.

At our clinic, we don’t offer any unproven medicine or miraculous recovery, because we are specialized in bringing only a qualified approach.

Let’s see which unwanted sequences a man can have because of low T and which solutions are available.

The lacking of testosterone leads to a number of unwanted consequences including:

Worsening of sexual function. You may experience reduced libido, fewer or no spontaneous erections, and infertility issues.

Changes in the physical look. You may notice increased body fat, any minor traumas can cause dislocations or even fractures because of the decreased bone density. You may also admit the decreased bulk of muscles as well as some weakness of your arms.

Mood swings and emotional instability. Low T can cause emotional issues, decrease motivation and spoil self-confidence.

Cognitive decline. Some studies also confirm that low testosterone is interconnected with the decline in growth hormone, and this deficiency, in its turn, has a negative impact on the brain’s health.

Types of Testosterone Therapy to Choose for Your Treatment

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) comes in a number of product variants like:

Transdermal skin patches (Androderm): Skin patches with testosterone are applied on the clean dry skin of your back, abdomen, or upper arm. The patch is fixed once a day and should be regularly replaced with another one.

Gels (Androgel; Testim): Such gels are absorbed directly through the skin and are applied once a day. Some of them come in packets and some in pumps, and the dosage of a single application is prescribed by the doctor. Some testosterone gels, like Natesto, are applied inside the nose.

Mouth patches (Striant): These are the tablets that are placed to the upper gums above the incisor, a tooth, or to the left or right of the front teeth. Such pills are applied twice a day and the substance is absorbed by the oral tissues to be released to the blood.

Injections and implants: If you prefer testosterone pellets, they are placed by a doctor in the soft tissues under the skin. If you prefer injections, the testosterone is injected into the muscle tissue and goes directly to the bloodstream.

Well, depending on your preferences and expectations, you can choose the type of therapy that suits you the best.

At our clinic, we offer testosterone replacement therapy in the form of injections, you can schedule a free consultation with one of our experts to learn more about the treatment.

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