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Hormones That Keep You Young: Testosterone, Estrogen, Growth Hormone

All of us tend to look youthful for as long as possible even at the age of over 55, and this is why the cosmetic industry and plastic surgery stay on-demand for ages. Year after year, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons offer more and more fresh and modern anti-aging procedures and treatment methods able to turn back the time or though make it freeze for a while.

Beauty and youthfulness start from within, so gaining your best look is not a task that depends just on cosmetology advancements. Improving your health is the first step to a good appearance as you’re getting mature.

Treating your current disorders is important, but no treatment is effective without balancing your hormones. Hormones like testosterone, growth hormone, and estrogen are responsible for healthy aging and maintaining a youthful look in your middle age and later.

Let’s see which three hormones keep you young all through your life till maturity.

Three Hormones Promoting Your Youth

Dozens of hormones in our bodies are responsible for almost every function and physiological process within organs and systems, but only three hormones are extremely important for keeping our young look as it is, and these hormones are testosterone, human growth hormone, and estrogen. So, what they are, and what do they do?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland located at the base of the brain and this is a central player in the game of promoting youth since this protein is responsible for stimulating bone and muscle growth as well as encouraging cell division. For adults, the growth hormone is essential for supporting:

  • the thickness of skin and tissues;
  • the elasticity of the skin;
  • strength of muscles;
  • controlling body weight and metabolism;
  • mood and energy;
  • sharp thinking;

and some more aspects of our living.

If HGH is lacking, this can result in negative consequences both for health and appearance, so urgent treatment is a compulsory and life-saving measure. HGH replacement therapy is typically provided in the form of subcutaneous injections administered just before bedtime to imitate the natural production of growth hormone in the body.

Please read more about HGH replacement therapy to learn its peculiarities in detail here.


Testosterone is a key sex hormone both in men and women, so it is broadly connected with youth promotion. In men, this hormone is responsible for male attributes like deep voice, facial hair, muscle mass, etc., but both in men and in women it is responsible for proper sex drive, bone density, muscle strength, and even heart health.

The deficiency of testosterone is officially diagnosed as hypogonadism and is associated with muscle weakness, weight gain, low libido, less energy, weaker erection, and more unpleasant side effects.

Hypogonadism should be treated with testosterone replacement therapy based either on injections, gels, patches, or pellets. Please read more about testosterone therapy here.


Estrogen is the major female hormone responsible for all female characteristics like breast formation, menstrual cycle, ovulation, vaginal thickness and lubrication, and more. Of course, estrogen is also present in men and released by the brain and testes but in smaller amounts.

Mainly produced in ovaries and adrenal glands in women, Estrogen should be kept in balance together with other youth hormones as it is what makes the skin look hydrated and young, supports energy levels and metabolism, and keeps a woman fertile until menopause.

Balancing the youth hormones is what’s called the key to a younger look that starts from within. Launch your rejuvenation story from checking your health before you turn to cosmetology or neoplasty, be youthful from inside.

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