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Incredible HGH Before and After Results Photos of Patients

Incredible HGH Before and After Results: Photos of Patients

Incredible HGH Before and After Results: Photos of Patients

Hormone imbalance is the condition that almost everyone has faced in their lives. Growth hormone levels drop with aging, so people experience unpleasant symptoms such as low energy, muscle weakness, excess abdominal fat, dry skin, and more. To combat these symptoms many folks start HGH therapy to see the improvements as soon as possible.

The most common questions hormonal therapists hear are ‘When should I expect first changes? What are the results of HGH before and after the therapy?’

We understand patients’ concerns clearly, so when it comes to health and anti-aging, there shouldn’t be questions left unanswered. In this article, we represent to you the before and after results of taking HGH that you can expect from the first month to half a year of the HGH treatment.

What is HGH?

Human growth hormone (HGH or somatropin) is a hormone that has a single-chain peptide structure and is produced in the pituitary gland. HGH is responsible for vital body functions, including:

  • growth and development,
  • metabolism regulation,
  • blood sugar control,
  • cellular regeneration,
  • cardiovascular regulation,
  • bone and muscle strength.

HGH is produced in the brain, but it is also regulated in unison with growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) created in the hypothalamus, somatostatin produced in the pancreas, and ghrelin secreted in the gastrointestinal tract.

Scientists have found out that GH releasing peaks appear after exercise, trauma, and during night sleep. In general, HGH levels are high during childhood and puberty and decrease with aging.

HGH Therapy Improvements Timeline

Each individual body reacts to HGH therapy differently. The effects of the HGH cycle will depend on your medical history and the reasons that caused low HGH levels in the blood. The most significant factors that influence HGH replacement therapy duration are age, the severity of your medical condition, HGH medication type, and its dosage.

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First changes are usually associated with decreased symptoms of your current disorder and reduced discomfort you probably had because of the growth hormone deficiency. Besides, patients notice slight enhancements in appearance and physical state. If you haven’t noticed the first improvements yet, it would be better to consult your therapist.

Don’t increase the dosage by yourself, as it can be harmful as well as bring unexpected and unwanted side effects.

The first month of HGH therapy

The first month of HGH therapy is an adaptation period during which your body gets used to releasing appropriate GH levels and learns to secrete enough growth hormone on its own. The first weeks will bring you increased energy and endurance, so you’ll notice increased productivity in your working and sport routine. You’ll also feel more concentrated and capable of thinking clearly and performing cognitive tasks better.

Many people report that the first month of taking HGH treatment also improves their mood and decreases depressive symptoms. Increased energy levels allow patients to get better results in training and at work which opens the way to positive thinking and calmness.

The results of two months with HGH

After two months of growth hormone therapy, you’ll see first visible changes in your appearance. HGH restores human body metabolism, allowing body cells to regenerate faster which considerably improves skin quality and muscle structure. During the two months, patients also observe weight loss due to restored energy delivery and nutrient absorption.

The effects of the second month of the therapy are much more perceptible for older adults. The therapy reduces aging signs and improves muscle mass and skin health. Some patients may also improve their eyesight, which usually deteriorates with aging.

The third month of taking HGH

Three months of taking HGH therapy shows improvements in musculoskeletal functions and hair growth. During this period patients were diagnosed with improved hair quality and strength, restored joint flexibility, reduced joint pain, and increased bone density. For people who experience the symptoms of osteoporosis, HGH replacement therapy provides much-expected relief.

hgh for weight loss before and after results

HGH for women of different ages also shows significant relief of menstrual pain and menopausal symptoms such as mood swings, hot flashes, headaches, and being overweight.

Improvements after four months of HGH

Most patients notice even better results than those achieved in the past three months. The fourth month of HGH treatment enhances your body structure and strengths, hair and skin health, and improves your psychological state. A significant increase in the metabolic process restores your ability to burn fat as if you were at your peak of HGH production. With regular training, you’ll notice you gain muscle mass faster and efficiently than before.

Visible changes in five months with HGH

When we reach middle age and older, our overall appearance worsens due to faded skin and colorless hair. When taking HGH for five-month, it’s possible to restore skin and hair gloss and elasticity. HGH for women resulted in the reduction of skin spots and improved hair strength. With growth hormone therapy your appearance will become much more sophisticated and noticeable for people around you.

Enhancements after six months of HGH therapy

Six months of growth hormone therapy will improve your overall quality of life. Your overall health will become better, which is shown by the blood test results and medical diagnostics. HGH cycle results will improve the quality of your sleep especially if you suffer from insomnia. Patients who were taking HGH for a half-year also observe the following results:

  • stronger immunity,
  • improved work of a cardiovascular system,
  • increased endurance and overall energy levels,
  • more elastic and shiny skin,
  • decreased fat body mass,
  • enhanced metabolism.

As growth hormone helps our body to manage energy and gain muscle mass, with HGH therapy, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your muscle shape. The quality of your sports routine will increase due to improved bone and muscle strength, and enhanced stamina will allow you to perform exercises at your peak. People admit that in six months of HGH treatment their sport results increased and they could perform high-intensity exercises easier than before HGH replacement therapy.

HGH can help reduce cellulitis and lose adipose tissue. Six-month treatment shows noticeable results in improving body shape balance. Because of adjusted metabolism, people receiving HGH treatment manage to reduce body fat with less effort.

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Elderly patients report hair structure and color improvement during the therapy period. They’ve noticed their hair became stronger, thicker, and brighter than it was before the therapy.

What are the before and after results of taking HGH?

Hormone replacement therapy is a powerful way to restore hormone levels and improve the overall quality of life. Taking growth hormone even for small period results in increased energy levels and well-being. Now let’s compare the HGH before and after results and sum up what benefits HGH treatment brings you.

Health and well-being

Having low GH levels result in many unpleasant physical and mental disorders. Before HGH treatment, patients suffer from sleep deprivation, depression, low self-esteem, low energy, and decreased cognitive function.

When taking HGH therapy, patients experience increased physical capacity, improved deep sleep, enhanced cognitive capabilities, and better mood.

Physical capacity

The lack of growth hormone leads to increased fatigue, current disease symptoms exacerbation, and decreased physical capabilities, including poor eyesight. After the therapy, many patients share improved endurance, better sports results, and improved eyesight.

Body composition

Aging makes our bodies gain fat. A sedentary lifestyle prevents your body from keeping good muscle mass. Many patients with low GH levels suffer from extra adipose tissue and experience difficulties losing this fat even when dieting. Patients who took HGH report enough fat loss and improved body composition with less effort.


Body shape, the quality of the skin, and hair make other people create an image about our health and self-esteem. When we get older, we lose our youth gloss and notice wrinkles, ptosis, and dry skin.

If you take HGH, you’ll get your skin and hair color shine as if you are 10 years younger. HGH restores hair structure making it stronger, more flexible, and shiny. Improved regeneration makes skin smoother and more elastic.

hgh for women before and after facial contours improved

HGH before and after results show the potential of HGH to improve your health, appearance, and overall quality of life. Human growth hormone therapy, when adjusted to your personal needs, can return you to the joy of a younger life.

Wrapping up

Hormone replacement therapy helps GH-deficient patients enjoy their life. Eminitate growth hormone deficiency irritating symptoms by starting your HGH replacement therapy. The first result of HGH treatment can be seen within a few weeks, but significant improvements can be achieved only with the treatment, prescribed and guided by a doctor.

Our experts will assess your medical condition, analyze your medical history and test results to develop a personalized treatment plan which will lead you to your greatest potential. If you want to receive a comprehensive consultancy concerning HGH therapy, fill out the contact form, and our professionals will go back to you in no time.

Written by

Dr. Josh Reedman

Dr. Reedman is MD Medicine, DM Endocrinology and Hormonal Disorders Consultant. His goal is to bring awareness to his patients by means of blogging as well as create individually customized treatment plans to help each and everyone reach the best possible results of treatment.

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