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How Much Does Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost

How Much Does Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost?

How Much Does Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost?

The human body often responds to stress with hormone imbalance. One may experience hormone drop or rise when being exhausted, ill, pregnant, or dealing with psychological issues. Hormones are chemical regulators of many life processes in our bodies. When their secretion decreases, we become less active or feel tired and unable to live lives as always. Severe hormone imbalances may lead to such medical conditions as coronary artery disease, sexual dysfunction, and more. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) helps to combat hormone deficiency if has been officially diagnosed by the doctor.

BHRT uses a personalized approach to treating hormone imbalances, that’s why the therapy cost may vary depending on many factors. BHRT may be more costly if your insurance provider doesn’t cover the treatment with bioidentical hormones. In this article, you’ll find the details of how bioidentical hormone replacement therapy cost forms and differs.

What is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses bioidentical hormones to replace the lacking hormones in the human body. Scientists extract bioidentical hormones from plants such as soybeans, wheat, and wild yams. Their chemical structure mimics endogenous hormones so that bioidentical hormones can perfectly replace missing hormones. Unlike traditional hormone therapy, BHRT can be personalized according to patients’ needs. Therapists examine patients’ health and make required tests to define what hormones are missing and prescribe bioidentical hormones in optimal proportions.

The diagnostics are provided only if a patient perceives the symptoms of possible hormone deficiency and addresses a doctor to undergo diagnostics and lab tests.

BHRT benefits and side effects

Hormone imbalances usually lead to increased fatigue, moodiness, and vitality drop. If it’s left untreated, an imbalance may cause obesity, diabetes type 2, bone thinning, depression, etc. It’s crucial to maintain proper hormone levels in middle age, as with aging our metabolic processes slow down and our body produces fewer hormones. Fortunately, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy helps to combat hormone deficiency symptoms.

BHRT makes it easy to go through andro- and menopause for men and women. Patients who try bioidentical hormones experience such benefits as:

  • improved mood,
  • reduced insomnia,
  • increased body strength,
  • increased sexual drive,
  • normalized metabolism,
  • improved vitality,
  • diseases prevention,
  • menopause and andropause symptoms relief.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy allows therapists to suggest individual dosages for their patients to help them reach their goals efficiently.

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Although BHRT is popular and is promoted by influencers, not all bioidentical hormones received approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Due to BHRT’s lack of regulation, it’s easy to accidentally buy unverified products and pose your health in danger.

The best option to treat hormone imbalances is to undergo therapy under professional supervision. Experts will examine your condition and prescribe the right bioidentical hormone dosage for you. BHRT may cause slight side effects such as acne, water retention, fatigue, and mood swings. If you experience some of them, you can always turn to your therapists to adjust your therapy.

How much does bioidentical hormone replacement therapy cost?

BHRT is a cost-efficient solution for those who want to decrease hormone imbalance symptoms. Usually, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy cost depends on the duration of the therapy and the medications your therapist prescribes you. Additional expenses may include doctor appointments, prescriptions, and medical tests.

The cost of bioidentical hormone drugs varies from USD 45 to USD 150 per month depending on the type of hormones and insurance coverage. Bioidentical hormones are available in creams, pellets, and injections. Injectable hormone replacement therapy costs approximately 300-500 USD per month including lab tests, prescriptions, and doctor appointments. Although it may seem expensive, bioidentical hormone injections are the most effective as they deliver active substances directly into the bloodstream. Direct hormone delivery allows the drugs to bypass the liver and avoid unwanted side effects while increasing your chances to improve your health faster and more efficiently.

Patients who went through BHRT confirm its cost efficiency and are satisfied with the results. They admit body fat reduction, decreased necessity of other medications, and saving time on hospital visits.

Does medical insurance cover BHRT?

The bioidentical hormone replacement therapy cost can be covered by your medical insurance. Because BHRT is still under investigation, some insurance providers may offer only partial coverage, but you can also claim full reimbursement. Contact your insurance provider and find out if they cover BHRT.

If you receive a BHRT prescription from an endocrinologist, so the therapy is indicated to you based on your officially diagnosed deficiency, it is likely going to be covered by insurance. However, some insurances may exclude some types of bioidentical hormones. If your insurance plan covers “holistic” or “natural” treatment, it might cover BHRT. You can also ask your therapist to choose bioidentical hormones that are included in your insurance.

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Take into account that the Medicare standard plan doesn’t cover bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Plans A and B also have a limited list of medications they cover. However, you may expand your plan with a Part D drug plan or get private insurance to get reimbursed.

Why should you consider BHRT?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a modern way to address hormone imbalances. Unlike traditional therapy, BHRT can satisfy the individual needs of each patient. BHRT allows practitioners to adjust treatment plans during the therapy and provide precise medical care. People who’ve tried bioidentical hormone replacement therapy felt the relief of symptoms in the first few days of the therapy. With BHRT, you may significantly improve your health.

BHRT can prevent severe diseases including heart issues, diabetes, psychological issues, and muscle and bone weakness. Timely hormone imbalance treatment will save you money and bring you a healthy future.

Choose an experienced therapist, if you want to receive personalized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Our professionals will opt for bioidentical hormones based on your medical history and laboratory testing results to help you undergo the therapy smoothly. Ready to step into your healthy future? Contact us.

Wrapping up

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy cost usually doesn’t exceed USD 1,000 per month. Besides, some insurance plans may cover bioidentical hormone medications. Moreover, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may be cost-efficient in the long-term perspective, as it helps prevent heart and bone disease. If you want to learn more about BHRT, contact us and receive a detailed consultation.

Written by

Dr. Josh Reedman

Dr. Reedman is MD Medicine, DM Endocrinology and Hormonal Disorders Consultant. His goal is to bring awareness to his patients by means of blogging as well as create individually customized treatment plans to help each and everyone reach the best possible results of treatment.


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