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Can You Get a Legal HGH Prescription Online

Can You Get a Legal HGH Prescription Online?

Can You Get a Legal HGH Prescription Online?

Human growth hormone influences our body’s growth and functioning throughout our whole life. In childhood and adolescence, HGH takes part in forming our body composition, building muscles and bones, regulating heart function, and more. Balanced HGH levels are also important in adulthood as HGH is responsible for tissue regeneration, sugar metabolism, muscle strength, skin youth, and more.

Unfortunately, HGH levels decrease with aging and we start to feel less active, lose strength and notice the first signs of aging. When your HGH levels are low, you can get an HGH prescription to undergo HGH therapy and restore the balance. In this article, we reveal how to get HGH legally.

Who needs HGH and why?

Our body produces HGH naturally, but sometimes its production is reduced because of aging, trauma, or other factors. Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) occurs because of pituitary gland dysfunction. Prescription-based HGH therapy can combat some aging symptoms including excess weight or muscle weakness and prevent multiple diseases including osteoporosis.

The reasons to try HGH therapy are numerous. HGH prescription can be obtained by young patients with growth abnormalities, for example, dwarfism. In addition, HGH therapy can be assigned to patients with medical conditions like:

  • weak muscles as the aftermath of AIDS,
  • growth hormone deficiency caused by trauma,
  • short-bowel syndrome.

Besides being a cure for growth hormone deficiency, HGH is reported to have a positive impact on people’s well-being, making them more energetic and youthful. HGH can also improve skin and hair quality and reduce body fat. People who have tried HGH therapy noticed improvements in their muscle mass, bone strength, and faster recovery after injury or training. Moreover, HGH popularity is raised due to the common belief that it can improve skin and hair’s natural colors and texture.

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Scientific evidence shows that HGH has the potential to help people with sexual dysfunction. Studies have shown HGH positively affects sexual drive and performance and helps men to improve sexual function.

HGH Therapy Advantages

Human growth hormone therapy can improve your health and bring the following benefits:

  • weight loss,
  • improved muscle and bone strength,
  • increased energy,
  • improved mood,
  • better skin and hair,
  • osteoporosis prevention,
  • improved sexual life.

Studies provide evidence of HGH reducing abdominal visceral fat in menopausal women. Women who had taken HGH for 1 year lost 5% of abdominal fat without changing their habitual lifestyle. A placebo group, however, gained extra fat during the trial period. Visceral fat can be a risk factor for developing atherosclerosis, diabetes, and heart disease, so taking HGH therapy prevents fat gain, thus decreasing the risks of getting obese.

Scientists study HGH effects on muscle gain as well. It’s been discovered that HGH helps to maintain and increase muscle mass and strength, improve bone density and boost energy levels. Of course, taking HGH should be combined with attending the gym and balanced nutrition if your aim is to gain muscle mass and improve your shape.

HGH therapy can bring you plenty of benefits, so let’s discover how to get an HGH prescription for your needs.

How to get a legal HGH prescription?

True HGH is a medication that can be only bought with a prescription and you can get an HGH prescription from a doctor. The first thing a doctor should do is to make sure HGH will address your health issues. A professional therapist will never provide an HGH prescription without tests and diagnostics that prove the GH deficiency. If your condition supposes the treatment with HGH, you’ll get your prescription to address a clinic and start your therapy based on the customized treatment plan.

Most of the time, the growth hormone deficiency is diagnosed in middle-aged people, so therapists prescribe HGH injections in that case. When HGH levels drop due to aging, people experience the following symptoms:

  • increased abdominal fat,
  • reduced muscle mass,
  • increased fatigue,
  • higher cholesterol,
  • bone thinning.

If you have these symptoms, a doctor may examine your insulin-like growth factor 1 levels or perform a growth hormone stimulation test to make sure you’ve really got HGH deficiency to be treated.

The Food and Drug Administration has currently approved only injectable HGH to be taken for treating the HGH lack. Any other form of HGH medication can be ineffective or harmful depending on where and how you obtain it.

Can HGH be prescribed online?

Of course, laboratory testing is required before you are able to receive your prescription. However, you can undergo your lab testing in a certain lab you choose in your location and then provide the test results to an online institution to apply for obtaining your prescription online. As growth hormone levels change throughout the day, you will have your Insulin-like growth factor (IGF) measured instead, and this is going to show if there is a GH deficiency in your body.

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The most widely applied lab test is a growth hormone stimulation test also called the insulin tolerance test (ITT) that is usually performed in a controlled environment. A doctor will give you an insulin injection (glucagon stimulation test and macimorelin test are the alternatives) to decrease your blood sugar levels which stimulates intense HGH secretion.

Then the doctor will take your blood samples a few times to determine the HGH concentration in your blood. If it’s below the required marks, you’re GH-deficient and will get an HGH prescription to start your treatment.

How much does HGH therapy cost?

The cost of an HGH prescription will vary depending on the HGH type prescribed, the duration of your treatment, and the dosage you’ll need. An average cost for an HGH prescription may be from a few hundred to over one thousand dollars.

You can buy HGH in prefilled pens or in vials. The HGH powder should be properly mixed using bacteriostatic water and the properly selected dosage of the medication prescribed. Prefilled pens are more expensive, but might be cost-efficient for patients who take the therapy for a long period. Pens contain a pre-made active substance that you can administer without preliminary preparation and without wasting any medication.

It would be best to buy prescribed HGH in certified pharmacies only. Illegal distributors may sell you contaminated or ineffective medication, which may cost you not just money but be harmful to your health.

Get a Legal HGH Prescription

GH-deficient individuals can receive a legal HGH prescription from their practitioner. Before prescribing HGH, a therapist is going to assign lab analysis and diagnostics, you will get your HGH in the pharmacy and then address a doctor to ask him/her to create a treatment plan, define the dosage, and set the period of your treatment.

If you’ve got the results of laboratory testing made in a clinic at your locality you can provide them to an online pharmacy to get the HGH prescription online. If you nevertheless experience GHD symptoms such as weight gain, weakness, and tiredness the best option is to address a doctor and undergo all the required diagnostics.

A qualified therapist will offer a personalized treatment schedule based on your individual needs. A legal HGH prescription is the safest and the most efficient way to achieve your goals as your therapist can manage your HGH treatment cycle and address any of your concerns.

If you’re interested in taking legal prescription-based HGH therapy, you can always get a consultation from our experts by getting in touch with them here. Get your quality of life back with the help of the properly-organized HGH therapy cycle guided by our experienced experts.

Written by

Dr. Josh Reedman

Dr. Reedman is MD Medicine, DM Endocrinology and Hormonal Disorders Consultant. His goal is to bring awareness to his patients by means of blogging as well as create individually customized treatment plans to help each and everyone reach the best possible results of treatment.

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