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Best HGH Injections for Sale

Best HGH Injections for Sale on the US Market

Best HGH Injections for Sale on the US Market

The human growth hormone is one of the key hormones of our body that influence our growth and the development of tissues. The HGH production is at its peak during childhood and adolescence. The secretion of HGH is decreased as we age, and this leads to muscle weakness, tiredness, some skin changes, and other signs of aging.

Somatropin is a synthetic drug used as a replacement for natural HGH. It’s widely used to combat growth hormone deficiency (GHD), overweight, and aging symptoms.

The alternative Somatropin has the same chemical structure as the natural one that consists of 191-amino acids. Several pharmacological manufacturers supply injectable Somatropin in different forms available for sale. In this article, we provide a structured review of the best HGH injections in terms of safety and effectiveness.

What are the best brands of HGH shots?

Growth hormone deficiency is a severe medical condition determined with the help of thorough diagnostics and lab testing before prescribing the HGH replacement therapy. You can legally get Somatropin only with a prescription from your doctor.

Huge manufacturers produce the most widely recognized HGH injections, following strict quality control protocols and comprehensive testing. You can legally buy HGH injections from manufacturers from the US, Asia, and Europe in certified pharmacies and healthcare facilities.

Still, lots of black-market sellers of HGH injections claim to be certified and provide HGH solutions with extremely low (p < 0.001) concentrations of the active substance. See the details about the best HGH injections available for sale in the US. The list contains the most prominent manufacturers, based on the Global Somatropin Market Share Analysis for 2021.


norditropin what is the best hgh on the market

Actually, synthetic Somatropin is produced by DNA recombination. Norditropin is the most widely prescribed recombinant HGH in the world. As it comes in syringes and injectable pens, it is quite convenient to use. Novo Nordisk Medical also produces Sogroya medication, which is GH that can be administered once a week. Other FDA-approved HGH injections must be taken daily.

Manufacturer: Novo Nordisk Inc, USA

FDA approval: Yes

Dosage form: injectable pens

Key benefits:

  • increased muscle mass,
  • reduced abdominal fat,
  • is used to treat GHD.


genotropin best injectable hgh on the market

Genotropin is an identical copy of natural HGH produced in our body. The medication is used to treat children with growth hormone deficiency and adults who suffer from pituitary gland dysfunction. Genotropin has been available on the market for over 35 years.

Manufacturer: Pfizer Inc, USA

FDA approval: Yes

Dosage form: prefilled injectable pens

Key benefits:

  • balances GH in the body,
  • improves body stature,
  • helps to grow muscle mass,
  • reduces excessive fat.


humatrope best hgh for sale

Humatrope is used to treat patients with growth issues associated with Turner syndrome and Idiopathic Short Stature (ISS). The medication improves bone growth and protein synthesis. Humatrope provider offers pen devices for injections that come with replaceable cartridges. Needles and cartridges aren’t included and you’ll need a prescription to get them.

Manufacturer: Eli Lilly and Company, USA,

FDA approval: Yes

Dosage form: cartridges with the active substance, vials with lyophilized powder.

Key benefits:

  • improved cell regeneration,
  • increased immune strength,
  • decreased ISS and Turner syndrome symptoms.


omnitrope hgh for sale in the us

Omnitrope is another type of HGH that helps to address growth-related issues for children and adults. This medication affects bone and muscle growth, helps our body to build new cells, and increases metabolism which helps to reduce fat.

Manufacturer: Sandoz, Switzerland

FDA approval: Yes

Dosage form: vials, syringe sets, injectable pens

Key benefits:

  • convenient for adult-onset GHD,
  • increased bone strength,
  • improved metabolism and body composition.


saizen best hgh on the market 2022

Saizen is produced by recombination of mouse C127 cell line and HGH gene resulting in obtaining the HGH with 191-amino acids chain. It’s used to treat GH-deficient patients to improve natural hormone secretion and musculoskeletal growth. Some doctors use Saizen when providing in vitro fertilization procedures to increase the number of egg cells produced.

Manufacturer: EMD Serono, Inc, USA

FDA approval: Yes

Dosage form: lyophilized powder.

Key benefits:

  • increased metabolism,
  • increased cell production,
  • skeletal growth,
  • improved lipolysis.


zorbtive best hgh injections for sale

Zorbtive is a synthetic growth hormone of recombinant DNA origin. It’s indicated to be used for adults with Short Bowel Syndrome taking intravenous feeding.

Manufacturer: EMD Serono, Inc, USA

FDA approval: Yes

Dosage form: ampoules with the active substance and bacteriostatic water.

Key benefits:

  • reduced symptoms of Short Bowel Syndrome,
  • improved nutrients and minerals metabolism,
  • increased body mass.


serostim best hgh injections for sale

Serostim is another form of recombinant GH which is used to treat patients who suffer from HIV wasting. The medication is available in the form of a lyophilized powder and requires reconstitution before the injection.

Manufacturer: EMD Serono, Inc, USA

FDA approval: Yes

Dosage form: ampoules with lyophilized powder and solvent.

Key benefits:

  • increased lean body mass,
  • improved physical endurance,
  • body fat reduction.

The Best Types of HGH Injections to Select

HGH therapy can be a life-saver for many GH deficient people, so if you want to try HGH injections, it’s best to talk to a professional and undergo the prescribed diagnostics if required. Anyways, different HGH injections are prescribed for treating HGH deficiency and for anti-aging. Some of them are the best for weight loss, and others may be more efficient if you want to gain more muscles.

HGH for Weight Loss

HGH promotes weight loss by increasing metabolism. It also stimulates hormone-sensitive lipase (HLS) which releases fat cells allowing them to be used by our body to receive energy. If you combine HGH therapy with physical activities and dieting, you can improve your body composition faster than without HGH.

Most FDA-approved Somatropin drugs can be used for weight loss as they were tested and subjected to quality control. Among the best HGH injections for weight loss are Genotropin, Omnitrope, and Saizen.

HGH for Muscle Gain

Same for weight gain, the best HGH injections originated from trustworthy manufacturers and certified pharmacies can be used to increase lean body mass. Scientific research provides evidence that HGH can improve muscle and bone mass in GH-deficient patients. However, studies of its effects on sports performance are scarce. Be sure to consult a doctor before trying HGH for muscle gain.

The Easiest-to-Administer HGH Shots

The simplest type of HGH administration is using a prefilled pen. With the prefilled pens you don’t have to prepare a mixture by yourself since they contain the ready medication which is simple to administer. Norditropin provides the easiest and the most tolerable HGH administration thanks to pens available with different doses and the hidden needle. Other HGH brands also offer injection devices that facilitate the procedure. The options can be:

  • pens with removable cartridges,
  • applicators with premade solvents,
  • syringes and vials.

The advantage of prefilled pens is that you don’t waste an active substance when preparing your mixture for injection. It also may be cost-efficient for long-term treatment, as you don’t spoil the drug while mixing your HGH shot.

What are the results of HGH therapy?

You can observe the first noticeable results of HGH therapy during the first month of daily HGH administration. GH-deficient patients will experience increased energy levels after 2 weeks of therapy. Fat reduction around the waist can be observed after 4 weeks of using HGH injections.

According to studies, a 4-weeks long therapy leads to 4.5% of body fat loss. If the therapy is taken for a longer period, it also helps to reduce weight but in a smaller volume. It’s also proved HGH therapy increases physical performance, bone density, and skin quality.

hgh for sale older couple in the gym

According to clinical trials, HGH adverse effects are slight and usually associated with the wrong dosage. HGH therapy should be provided under professional supervision. Side effects can include headaches, water retention, muscle, and joint discomfort. The negative symptoms disappear when the body is adjusted to a greater amount of HGH.

The best HGH injections such as Norditropin, Genotropin, Omnitrope were tested in long-term clinical trials and were proven to be safe and effective for treating GHD.

Avoid Counterfeit HGH

Numerous types of unregulated HGH injections are available on the Web. Many sellers misrepresent their identity as certified, but usually, their official documents are inconsistent and hard to follow. Misuse of illegal drugs is regulated by the law and can be subject to administrative liability. If you want to get great results with fewer risks, buy HGH only by prescription. A doctor will examine your health state and offer the best HGH brand with the right dosage.

Some products that claim to contain HGH are legally available as supplements. Such supplements exist in the form of pills, gels, and creams. They are not regulated by the FDA but most of them are available without a prescription.

You can choose to take Ipamorelin or Sermorelin that contain growth hormone secretagogue (GHS) which should increase GH levels naturally. Such peptides are available as nasal sprays or in several other dosage forms and are quite effective and safe to choose as an alternative to classic HGH replacement.

Wrapping up

Adult-onset growth hormone deficiency can and should be treated as soon as possible after being diagnosed. The US market offers a wide range of HGH injections to treat GHD. Generally, you can legally buy any of the listed above HGH medication in legal pharmacies. To save your costs, you can buy HGH right in the clinic where you receive the GH replacement therapy.

Before prescribing you a certain HGH shot, a doctor will examine your blood test results to understand which treatment cycle would be the most effective in your case. Here’s a checklist to help you obtain the best HGH injections:

  1. Buy HGH from licensed pharmacies,
  2. Check FDA label for HGH,
  3. Don’t take cheap medications and don’t trust low prices,
  4. Check the packaging for damage.

Choose your treatment wisely. Consult specialists about your treatment options to receive the safest therapy. If you’re interested in obtaining HGH and starting your therapy, contact us, and our therapists are going to help you choose HGH injections that you really need.

Written by

Dr. Josh Reedman

Dr. Reedman is MD Medicine, DM Endocrinology and Hormonal Disorders Consultant. His goal is to bring awareness to his patients by means of blogging as well as create individually customized treatment plans to help each and everyone reach the best possible results of treatment.

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