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Stem Cell Treatment Prevent Degenerative Disc Disease and Decrease Back Pain

Chronic back pain caused by degenerating intervertebral discs worsens the quality of life for almost 40% of adults. Besides painful and obstructed movement, degenerative disc disease, if not treated, can result in nerve compression and inflammation in vertebral bodies. According to studies, stem cells have the potential to slow down disc degeneration and even, in […]

How Long Does Stem Cell Therapy Last?

If you consider taking stem cell therapy for particular orthopedic conditions like treating injuries of shoulders, back pain, damages of knees as well as treating arthritis and osteoarthritis, then you are probably interested in how long stem cell therapy lasts and if the effects of this treatment are long-standing. Recent studies have shown that stem […]

Will Insurance Cover Stem Cell Treatments? Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield Policies

Multiple researchers have already recognized stem cells treatment to be effective for the conditions like knee or shoulder arthritis, meniscus sprain, rotator cuff tears, and more joint disorders. These cells are considered to be a part of regenerative medicine and a great alternative to avoiding surgery while getting long-term relief. The sensational self-renewing ability of […]

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