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3 Options of Our Male Enhancement Program at HRTMedical

A lot of men are often dissatisfied with their sexual performance and penis size no matter their age, social standing, or worldview. Fortunately, the 21st century brings multiple opportunities for resolving sexual issues both when it comes to performance anxiety or confusion concerning the size.

Male enhancement programs offered by our experts suppose either using quick tabs that melt under the tongue, receiving shock wave therapy, or PRP shots administration. You can choose either one of the procedures or combine them to get a better effect. Let’s see what male enhancement treatment looks like and which benefits you may receive.

Male Enhancement Quick Tabs

Tabs for male enhancement come in the form of pills that are taken orally but not swallowed. They are put under the tongue and then melt very quickly to start working. The purpose of this drug is to improve erectile function and make a man a bit more confident in his sexual performance.

As the pills are melt under the tongue, they bring much quicker results than they would have brought if they are taken as simple pills like Viagra. It is possible to divide a single tab into smaller doses to get a more long-lasting effect for better confidence during sexual activity.

We offer two types of tabs and each variant is designed for a specific purpose:

Blue Tabs. These pills include tadalafil and apomorphine and are created for daily usage. Apomorphine arouses the sensors of pleasure located in the brain and allows for receiving a brighter sexual experience. Tadalafil is a well-recognized component of regular ED pills that is responsible for enhancing the blood supply to the penile tissue to improve erectile response and ensure optimal performance.

Red Tabs. This package contains avanafil that is a fast-acting component causing erectile response for 30 minutes in case of sexual stimulation. The effect of these pills is quick enough for spontaneous sexual activity and creating more intimacy with your partner.

Before offering the tabs, a doctor is going to provide an in-person consultation and recommend undergoing some lab testing if required.

PRP Shots for Male Enhancement

PRP shots suppose injecting platelet-rich plasma into the penis. A doctor takes the material for injection from a patient himself to process and reinject it into the target tissue to promote the restoration of cells.

Platelet-rich plasma is a concentration of growth factors and platelets that induce healing and restoration of tissues, reduce inflammation, and can improve the shape and size of the penile tissue in particular.

Plasma is prepared from a blood sample taken from a patient; then it is put in a vial to be placed into a centrifuge and make the blood be separated into three layers including platelet-rich plasma, platelet-poor plasma, and buffy coat.

Platelet-rich plasma is separated from other layers and drawn to the syringe to be injected into the penis.

The procedure is pretty simple and painless. However, to make the treatment as comfortable as possible, a doctor’s assistant will apply a small portion of a numbing cream 15 minutes before making the injection.

After the injection is administered, a patient should use a penis pump for a few minutes to reach better effect. A set of 5 injections is recommended for getting a perfect result. Possible effects of the procedure are as follows:

  • better blood flow to the penis and better erections;
  • penile enhancement;
  • better sexual performance;
  • restoration of neural pathways leading to better sensitivity;
  • improved orgasms.

After each procedure, a patient can experience some small swelling, redness, or bruising of the tissue but most of the time the PRP shot has no side effects at all. Injections of platelet-rich plasma are the safest option to try.

Shock Wave Therapy for Male Enhancement

Sexual dysfunction in men depends on a number of factors, and the restricted blood flow to the penis is one of the key things that prevent the normal functioning of the penis. Such type of disorder is called vasculogenic erectile dysfunction (vasculogenic ED) and is often treated both with pills and injections.

If you’ve got issues with liver or kidneys and taking pills is not an option, you can try low-intensity shock wave therapy (LiESWT) for treating erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease – two disorders that often prevent a man from normal sexual activity.

Shock wave therapy for ED is also known as acoustic therapy or ESWT therapy and is provided with the help of a wand-like device that sends the low-energy sound waves to the penile tissue to restore the blood flow and break the plaques if they exist.

The benefits of ESWT treatment are as follows:

  • this is a non-invasive therapy;
  • it promotes the formation of new blood vessels;
  • it treats vasculogenic ED and encourages the blood to be supplied to the penis;
  • it is a risk-free and painless treatment;
  • it helps to restore stronger and longer erections.

The therapy is provided within a series of several in-office procedures that last for about 15 minutes each and don’t require any specific rehabilitation. No pain or discomfort is perceived during the procedure, only a little tingling sensation can be felt by a patient when the sound waves penetrate the tissues.

Several studies have shown evidence that 75% of men involved in the treatment experience incredible results and admit the improvement of their erectile function and sexual life.

If you’ve got some extra questions concerning the process of receiving the procedure, some preliminary diagnostics or you want to apply for a free consultation with a doctor, contact us here.